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Two sailboats sailing with spinnakers


Sail Sarasota is happy to hear about ways we can partner to make an improvement in our community for sailing. ​Let us know about a vessel donation, a monetary donation, or an on-water initiative you would like to champion. The Luffing Lassies and the E-Scows have promoted educational programs through donations to Sail Sarasota and we welcome other fleets to discuss their ideas with us. 

Please contact us by completing short form below. You may also email or call us.

Recently Donated Boats

Sailing vessels donated to Sail Sarasota, Inc.
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4 American-18 Vessels.png

Donated by
Peter Daley

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by
Laura & John Proctor

Donated by
Ehrhart Family Foundation


Sail Sarasota enjoys the wonderful support of the following individuals and sponsers. The Community Foundation of Sarasota has generously supported us through the Giving Challenge. 

Angella Baker, Susan Baumann, Belle Baxter, Roger, Barbara & Elliott Benson, Craig Bridges, Jesse Brunsvold, Robert Cole, Peter & Kathie Daley, Penny & Steve Durham, Lisa Brown Ehrhart, Joe Grabowski, Linda Heath, Joe & Mary Kay Henson, Dave & Donna Hillmyer, Andy & Judy Hodgson, David E. Jennings, Irwin & Janet Jennings, Vilia Johnson, William Jolley, William L Kimbell, Albert L Kraus, Isaac Leestma, Ray & Ginger Markham, Noralyn Marshall, Rosemary McMullen, Jennifer Means, Angie Mimica, Claire Morda, Paul & Dawn Mowery, Ursula Olson, Lee Parks, Laura & John Proctor, Carissa Say, Marc Schreiber, Linda Schwartz, Beth Jennings Sibbring, Larry Stewart, Linda Tiffan, Mary Trichter, Jennifer Joy Walker, Theodore Weihe, Katrina West (accounting review), Travis & Laura Yates


Community Foundation of Sarasota | Ehrhart Family Foundation |

Jennifer Joy Walker Photography | Minute Man Press | National Class E Scow Assoc. | Patterson Foundation | Sarasota Youth Sailing | Sarasota Sailing Squadron 

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Sponsors, donors and supporters. 

Sponsors, donors and supporters
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