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 Sail Sarasota Inc


Water Safety

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Sailing Education

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Sailing Equipment


Sail Sarasota, Inc 

A Florida Non-Profit promoting the sport of sailing and other non-motorized water sports with instruction and educational activities to include sailing, the science of seamanship and navigation, water safety, environmental awareness, racing, regattas and race management, cruising, water recreation, other related marine activities and sportsmanship for the community.

Board of Directors
David Jennings

Raymond Markham

Lisa Brown Ehrhart

Peter Daley

Travis Yates

Theodore Weihe


David Jennings, President

Sail Sarasota is a 501(c)(3) primarily dedicated to adult Sailing Education and is a public outreach arm of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Sail Sarasota will be able to create a greater public awareness of our local, environmental assets like Sarasota Bay.  By getting more people "on the water" we will have the opportunity to increase the awareness of our local ecology and teach people the value of protecting this environment.  As such, additional endeavors could include maintenance and restoration efforts such as the Sailing Squadron's continued support of Sarasota Bay Watch joining Mote Marine and others with replenishment of scallops, clams and the creation of a "living sea wall" recently completed on City Island.

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron is an exceptional example of a historic and sustainable, low impact and unique community organization.  This volunteer club has excelled over the decades as a highly affordable community center, prolific educator and a safe and pleasant all-ages activity hub for sailing and other silent water sports like paddle boarding.

There have been limitations in the group's reach and growth potential.  With the creation of Sail Sarasota, we now have a Non-Profit organization which will enrich the local community by providing affordable sailing instruction, participation in sailing competitions, water-safety education and increased environmental awareness through improving the relationship between boaters and marine ecology.

Funds generated by Sail Sarasota are used to purchase and maintain the vessels and equipment necessary to teach people to sail but the mission is broad and includes the possibility of developing classroom space on Squadron property which could be shared by other Non-Profits including Sarasota Youth Sailing and our local school district. 

Although still in its infancy, Sail Sarasota has already demonstrated an ability to provide resources toward the mission benefiting both the donor, donee, the Sarasota Sailing Squadron and the local community.


In December, 2017.  Five volunteer Squadron members served as the board of directors and started Sail Sarasota as a public charity.  We have no members and no paid staff.   Sail Sarasota fulfills its mission by supporting educational activities on Sarasota Bay and surrounds. Sail Sarasota has no physical assets other than occasional donated boats and equipment which are either sold for funds to support our mission or repaired and donated in-kind to support our mission.  Most of our funding has come from grants. Our meetings occur and records are stored on the grounds of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. 

1717 Ken Thompson Parkway

Sarasota, Florida 34236

(941) 388-2355






Sail Sarasota Video Library

The following videos are located at this site. 


Getting Out On The Water

This video will teach you how to launch and recover your dinghy

How To Steer a Dinghy

This video will break down the steps and skills needed to steer a dinghy

Posture In The Dinghy

This video is designed to get you comfortable in a single person dinghy

How to Trim Your Sails

This video takes you through the process of trimming your sails

How to Tack

In this video we break down the steps of tacking a single person dinghy

How to Jibe

In this video we break down the steps of jibing a single person dinghy

Rigging a Hobie Wave

This video is designed to get you out and sailing on a Hobie Wave

Sail Sarasota Videos are possible thanks to the generous support of the Ehrhart Family Foundation, other donors and volunteers to inform new sailors and those looking to improve their skills and abilities. They are part of the public domain. 

Friends, Partners and Supporters:


Sail Sarasota enjoys the wonderful support of the following individuals, foundations, and in-kind supporters who have made generous donations in the form of vessels, their expertise, or direct monetary contributions to the mission of Sail Sarasota.  The Community Foundation of Sarasota has generously supported us through the Giving Challenge. 


Individual Friends:  Baker, Angella;  Baumann, Susan;  Baxter, Belle;  Benson, Roger, Barbara & Elliott;  Bridges, Craig;   Brunsvold, Jesse;   Cole, Robert;  Daley, Peter & Kathie;  Durham, Penny & Steve;  Ehrhart, Lisa Brown;  Grabowski, Joe;  Heath, Linda;  Henson, Joe & Mary Kay;  Hillmyer, Dave & Donna;  Hodgson, Andy & Judy;  Jennings, David E.;  Jennings, Irwin & Janet;  Johnson, Vilia;  Jolley, William;  Kimbell, William L;   Kraus, Albert L;  Leestma, Isaac; Markham, Ray & Ginger;  Marshall, Noralyn; McMullen, Rosemary;  Means, Jennifer;  Mimica, Angie;  Morda, Claire;  Mowery, Paul & Dawn;  Olson, Ursula;  Parks, Lee;  Proctor, Laura & John;  Say, Carissa;  Schreiber, Marc;  Schwartz, Linda;  Sibbring, Beth Jennings;  Stewart, Larry;  Tiffan, Linda;  Trichter, Mary;  Walker, Jennifer Joy;  Weihe, Theodore;  West, Katrina - accounting review;  Yates, Travis & Laura. 


Sponsors, Foundations, and Corporate Friends:  Community Foundation of Sarasota;  Ehrhart Family Foundation; Jennifer Joy Walker Photography;  Minute Man Press;  National Class E Scow Assoc.;   Patterson Foundation;  Sarasota Youth Sailing and Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  

Sail Sarasota is happy to hear about ways we can partner to make an improvement  in our community for sailing. Let us know about  a vessel donation, a monetary donation, or an on-water initiative  you would like to champion. 

About​ Sail Sarasota

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